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Sun 12th November 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM


1/96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484


Ancient Pre-Celtic Healing from Ireland~Deeply Heal and Transform~Reawaken your true nature~Sacred invocation and active, mystic prayer.

Dates: 11 & 12 November

Murwillumbah, NSW

$99 1 Day

$180 2 Days

Discount available for flood affected contact Heidi.

You can join us for 1 day if you choose to (either Saturday or Sunday) but it is encouraged to join us for both days to go even deeper into the healing and transformational process and exploration of self. Two days will be a deeper and more profound healing experience and transformation.

ALL ARE WELCOME (adults only).



11th November 10am-5.30pm (NSW Time)

12th November 10am-5.30pm



Traditional Healer Heidi Williams is offering an Ancient Pre-Celtic Transformational Healing Weekend Workshop. Come join her in sacred invocation for release, deep healing, transformation and to reawaken your true self.

Heidi has steeped herself in this ancient spiritual tradition from Ireland for many years. Using ancient pre-celtic healing transmissions and deep transformational prayer a safe and sacred space is created to release, heal and transform old ways of being and reawaken your true self.

This Core & Cellular Transformational Healing is an ancient, powerful form of pre-celtic healing from Ireland. It is an energetic, telepathic process which clears, purifies and regenerates the core cellular and soul memory where trauma, disease and programming is stored at it’s origins.

Through music, a high, sacred healing transmission, movement, invocation; and active, living, mystic prayer; we can permanently release old, stagnant, dead energy; illness and disease; emotional trauma; depression and anxiety; ancestral and past life trauma; blockages; negative beliefs and mindsets, patterning and programming that does not serve us anymore. As we release that which is not our true self and breathe in new life our lives are changed, we are lighter, more fulfilled, we connect directly to source and we open up our own unique gifts, power, passion and the limitless potential of our true expression.

Through this potent healing process and transformational alchemy a remembering occurs of our true nature and intuitive knowing that we exist AS nature we are nature itself! A deep awakening is activated.

This workshop is for you, if you would like to:

* Release and heal trauma, trapped emotion, sickness, negative and limiting programming and patterns in your life.

* Bring new life, power, passion and creativity back into your body, mind, spirit and life.

* Clear and purify your core cellular memory in a deep powerful process.

* Explore and realise your true nature. Discover exciting revelations and wisdom to transform your life.

* Receive the highest transmissions of vital life force so that you can transform your life.

Join Heidi on a journey to release what no longer serves you and deepen and awaken to the true, divine and best possible version of yourself. Turn your pain into love and reawaken your true nature!

Book tickets here or on the website.

For further enquiries email: Heidi@transformhealingspace.com

COST: $99 – $180


Sun 12th November 2023, 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM


1/96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484