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Ceremona Sister Circle – November Full Moon


Tue 03rd November 2020, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM


100 Musgrave St
Coolangatta QLD 4225


Do you feel called to connect with like-minded women, feel supported, nurtured & held in sisterhood – bringing more ritual to your life?

About this Event


Do you feel a calling to connect with like-minded women…To feel supported, nurtured and held in true sisterhood…To bring a bit more ritual and ceremony into your life?

Its time to carve out a couple hours for YOU in the midst of all the busy. To give yourself permission to be just as you are while connecting with a community of heart-centred sisters. To give and receive wisdom that only a circle of women can exchange. Its time to reconnect with the moons phases and natures rhythms – to tap into and embody the divine feminine frequencies that are calling us home to ourselves.

We have gathered in circle as sisters for eons – since the birth of humanity. Nothing else nourishes us in this way. Together we create a safe and sacred space where we can feel truly seen, heard and acknowledged. Together we reclaim ancient wisdom, speak our truth and support one another to reach our highest potential.

Ann Taylor, from Ceremona Rituals, will guide you through a journey of sacred ceremony and connection on the next Full Moon. Ann draws upon her Native American ancestry when facilitating circles and her experience as a celebrant to create soulful ceremonies. Anns deep connection to spirit, nature and her cultural roots inspires every step on her path of service.

What happens at a Full Moon Sister Circle?

We begin by mingling over nibbles and healthy tonics;*

Then we gather in circle, introduce ourselves and officially open the circle;

Ann will give an update on the current astrological events and themes;

The theme for the circle will be introduced and oracle card guidance received;

We will open up our discussion; **

If theres time, well do a guided ritual around releasing what no longer serves us;

We will finish up with a guided meditation before closing the circle; and

Herbal tea will be offered with more time to connect informally.

What is included?

Healthy non-alcoholic drinks and snacks;

Cushions, bolsters and yoga mats; and

Herbal tea.

What should I bring?

a bottle of water;

Warm layers/socks if you might get cold;

A mug for tea;

Any small personal talismans, crystals or special items that you treasure;

A folding chair if you are unable to sit comfortably on the floor; and

An open heart.

Find Ann on Instagram: @ceremonarituals

Find Boheme + Body on Instagram: @ bohemeandbody

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*COVID safe measures will be in place.

** there is no pressure to speak and always an opportunity to pass and return to anyone who needs time to process their thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a ticket to this Circle (Event), you acknowledge that the Event and anything said by Ceremona and/or Boheme + Body (Organisers) is not a substitute for professional medical and mental health care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, whether physical, mental or emotional. Further, you agree to hold the Organisers harmless from any and all claims, loss or damage to personal property, liabilities and costs, including legal fees, as a result of your participation in the Event, including travel to and from the Event (including air travel) or any events incidental to the Event. If the Organisers incur any of these types of expenses, you agree to reimburse the Organisers. You also agree to follow COVID safe guidelines at all times.


Tue 03rd November 2020, 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM


100 Musgrave St
Coolangatta QLD 4225