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Crystal Awareness for Adults


Thu 03rd February 2022


96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484


Crystal Awareness classes for Adults

ages 16yrs + Thursday’s 6:30 – 8:00pm commencing February 3rd 2022

* engage inPractices of progressive relaxation meditation, creative visualisation, body scan meditationand self-regulation.

* Work with Crystals to practice mindfulness, learn about the law of attraction, the mind/body/spirit connection and develop intuition.

* Tap into the subconscious mind ( inner child )where all the painful memories are stored, that create unhelpful thoughts, attitudes andbehaviours, to release memories of sorrow, grieving, pain and shift focus upon happy memoriesfreeing you up to be more present in your life.

* Art Therapy practices to track negative thinking, practice compassionate self-talk, self-reflect, self-explore, become aware of,process and integrate life experiences.

* Creativelyexpress your emotions, practice effective communication, gain a strong sense of identity,experience connection, play and experience more joy, inner peace, inner wisdom, life purpose and oneness.

With 21 years of experience in workshops, meditation and Art therapy practices, I offer this safe and supportive group.

Are youunsure of wether this group will suit you?

1. Do you enjoy Artistic and creative endeavours?

2. Do you want to learn more about the inner child?

3. At times can youstruggle with your emotions?

4. Do you want to explore your personal shadow?

5. Are you interested in learning about psychological projection?

6. Do you have an interest in Crystals?

7. Are you sensitive to the energies of others?

8. were you bullied at school?

9. Has there been periods of turmoil, grief, loss and sadness within the family home life?

10. Have youbecome addicted to technology?

11. Are you finding areas of difficulty in health, relationships, projects or finances ?

12. Are you looking to try something new?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is suitable for you.

It is not necessary for me to know what has been your history, only that you have a commitment to your own personal development and healing journey.


$20 AUD + BF


Thu 03rd February 2022


96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484