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Keeping Children and Vulnerable People Safe (JUN4) ChildSafe Training Webinar


ChildSafe Training – Keeping Children and Vulnerable People Safe

This course has been developed to provide training on key issues relating to thecare and safety of children and
vulnerable people.

Some of the Topics include

  • Safety issues highlighting health and wellbeing
  • Child Safe Standards/Principles
  • What is child abuse
  • Grooming
  • Legislation
  • Riskand Reporting
  • Empowering children

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to build a ChildSafe culture that promotes the empowerment of children and vulnerable people
  • Appropriate safety for children in responseto a pandemic
  • Responsibility to make sure children remain safe by being healthy
  • Learn how to strengthen screening, recruitment and selection processes to support a ChildSafe culture
  • The issues of abuse and responding appropriately to incidents and suspected malicious behaviours
  • Understand your responsibilities within the current legislation
  • Understand the importance of establishing a ChildSafe culture to prevent incidents and mitigate risks
  • Learn how to empower andsupport the rights ofchildren and vulnerable peopleandcreate a safe environment for all
  • Strategies to keep children and vulnerable people safe
  • Personal and organisational child safety management

Who should attend?

Volunteers or staff who have a responsibility for keeping children and vulnerable people safe.Those who have a concern for safety in any leadership, supervisory or carer capacity over children and other vulnerable people.

More information

Using the National Child Safety Principles, this Webinar presents an overview of human resource requirements, policies, procedures and practices that strengthen the capacity for us to provide a safe and empowering environment for children and young people.

This training willprovide the opportunity for understanding scenarios, proceduresand also offerdirect questioning.For more information or to find out how ChildSafe can support you and your organisation, email info@childsafe.org.au


$49 AUD