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MEDICINE DANCE + CACAO ~ Winter Solstice


Wed 22nd June 2022


1 Old Pacific Hwy
Burringbar NSW 2483


Honouring the WINTER SOLSTICE ~ through Cacao Ceremony + Dance and ritual. 

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky.

Naturally, the season inspires a time of spiralling Yin~wards, a delving into the depths, awakening into the shadow realms. I’m sure that with all we’ve been thru this year, following this Yin~ward pull is particularly potent and necessary! Seasonally it is a time of incubation, a time to surrender to the great stillness, a time of tuning in, to a deeper sense of intuition – trusting your inner voice. A time of honouring, attuning and respecting the cycles of nature, like the leaves that fall from the tree, we are called to strip back to become empty and return to our core, to return to the stoking of the soul flame…. and, ultimately we rediscover the inner light that never ceases to shine, to re-emerge nourished and rejuvenated back into the light.


I am humbled and excited to share my first Cacao Creation and Ceremony with you! 

Your journey will be enhanced by this divine alchemy of CACAO in a delicious medicinally herb and spice infused blend) served and sipped in Sacred Ceremony. Blindfolds will be available to aid our journey Yin~ward, as this darkness activates our Pineal Gland ~ our third eye; which in turn increases our clarity, concentration, imagination and intuition. We will begin our movement journey with an embodiment practice that gives a deeply felt sense of surrender, groundedness that with eventually give rise to bursts of full, expand ecstatic dance.This will be one potent and deep Shamanic dance journey! 

Please wear warm comfy clothing layers, bring a blanket or sheepie to sit on for ceremony and comforts that enable you to slip and slide and move on the floorboards. 

Myself and support Angel assistant Raychel are so looking forward to warmly welcoming you to unapologetically allow yourself to surrender to the seasonal, cyclic nature that IS, let it take you into your deep and most incredible winter wonderland, cacao enhanced, medicine dance journey! 

* Only 20 tickets available


5 Elements Dance: is a moving dynamic meditation, an ecstatic, some what shamanic / free-style dance journey guided metaphorically by the elements.. the elements of nature; ether, air, earth, fire, water, the elements in ourselves, the elements of life… and our interconnection with it ALL! 

Marnie will intuitively guide you with minimal but poignant faciiltation, accompanied by an awesome musical soundscape along with the collective energy of the group for a truely expansive, deeply releasing, transformational, healing and connective dance experience.

This DANCE experience is absolute medicine for a Women’s body, heart + soul !


MARNIE DEVI HUDSON – has passionately explored many dance styles, yoga, meditation, personal transformation tools + spiritual seekings.

It was through the transformative and liberating nature of Ecstatic dance with the Conscious dance movement, that she discovered an authentic, heart-centred awakening. 

In 2014, Marnie completed her teacher training with Malaika Darville to facilitate 5 ELEMENTS DANCE. Ever since, she has been holding Medicine Dance on local dance floors and featuring at festivals and private retreats. 

Mid 2020, Marnie turned her practice to an ALL Women’s Medicine Dance + Wisdom Circle. With selected themes and opportunities co-create, the full experience offers an opening for a deeper enquiry through the dance and other healing Arts. This collaboration creates an opportunity for a rich, deeply connected sisterhood to flourish.

Mid 2022, Marnie trained with Cacao Queen Daisy Kaye, to learn the sacred alchemy of the medicinal magic of CACAO. Bringing in another element of awakening, transformation and healing to the Medicine Dance Sanctuary.

It is my heart’s calling + prayer that this practice of Medicine Dance becomes a blessing of powerful conscious medicine for the individual, the community + our Mother Earth, as a way to create a loving ripple effect in this often chaotic world that needs grounding, unwinding, authentic connection, healing and rebirthing so deeply.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

BRING – water bottle, yoga mat, cushion, your open heart..

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Image credit: Autumn Skye Art 


$28.93 AUD + BF


Wed 22nd June 2022


1 Old Pacific Hwy
Burringbar NSW 2483