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Meditation- Transformation and the New Earth-the art of embodied listening


Sun 19th November 2023, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


8 Culbara Pl
Stokers Siding NSW 2484


Meditation -Transformation and the New Earth – *the art of embodied listening

SUNDAY – 19th November 2023 , 2.00 – 4.30 pm – STOKERS SIDING

*Meditation , Music , Poetry , Storytelling , Sharing circle

Theme :- Transformation and the New Earth :

*earth meditation (‘Gaia dreaming herself awake’),

*the art of embodied listening ,

*Siddhartha will explain his process and channeling of the Spirit, read a few pages from his new book :’We are the seed of God’,

*eartheart music, poetry, storytelling.

Presenters include :

*Gregory Erald Owens (Geo) –

teaches Buddhism and meditation at a local school , manages resilience and compassion workshops , is the founder of the BBMC and the earth meditation tribe projects and an MTTC and Theory U student .

*James Otmar –

The Voice of the New Age, transcends musical boundaries with soundscapes that awaken the soul.

Immerse yourself in genre-defying melodies and embark on a journey of transformation.

His relentless mission? To ignite your inner fire, elevate your spirit, and amplify the collective vibration for the highest good of all .

Listen. Be transformed

*Siddhartha Sananda –

Siddhartha Sananda is an inspiring advocate and co-creator of the new earth community. As an author, creator and spiritual guide, he supports and trains hundreds of people around the world through his service of embodying Christ consciousness. In his holistic work, he teaches and channels Christic yoga, shamanic dance, miracle practices, and conscious and divine empowerment. If you want to know more about his service, you can read his books or listen to his renowned Podcast: Semilla We Are One with which he offers us a wide variety of tools, channeling meditations, methods and revealing stories from great teachers around the world on how to bring universal awareness to our life and evolution. “May the Holy Spirit guide us and may all beings always be happy in the eternal peace of God.”

The Book it’s called WE ARE THE SEED OF GOD, this is the link on Amazon

This is his podcast link:


*Location at Stokers Siding : see Eventbrite link .

*Tickets – entry by donation – either via Eventbrite link below suggested $25 (and $20 conc.) but otherwise by ‘ dana’ – see

OR by cash at front door $25 ( but no credit card facility ).

Our values and vision are set out in our website – www.earthmeditationtribe.com : “We are a new earth tribe of many shapes,sizes and colors . We are earth children , earth warriors , earth keepers , agents for change …. The time for a fundamental shift in consciousness has arrived….etc ”

Tea , coffee , snacks included .

Hari om , Geo – 0431747764

Ps 1 – Poetry,music,story open mic – bring your own compositions – read or sing your favorite poem or song !

Ps 2 : Event to be Livestreamed via Facebook

Ps 3 : Remember the Uki markets and Margaret Olley Gallery nearby


On Sale 31/10/2023 at 2:00 pm


Sun 19th November 2023, 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM


8 Culbara Pl
Stokers Siding NSW 2484