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Proactive Leadership & Management Bullying Prevention Webinar


The recent changes to our working environment has created a threat to our basic needs. The juggle of work and family life all in one space, the threat of job loss or possible financial concerns, has heightened the levels of stress and anxiety amongst many of our employees and shifted usual behaviour. It is imperative that as leaders we recognise, enforce and support a positive and safe working environment, whether it be in the office or remotely to avoid the common triggers that lead to workplace bullying.

Workplace bullying can affect an organisations entire culture leading to poor productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, poor moral, staff turnover, reputation & brand damage. It can also adversely affect the psychological and physical health of a person and in its most extreme cases, lead to suicide. But what is also often not understood is the impact that bullying has on other people in the workplace.

We recognise that in recent years there has been an increase in mental health awareness within the workplace, but did you know that 39% of the mental health claims made were caused by bullying and harassment at work (Safework Australia) So rather than focus our attention on creating a cure for mental health, we MUST seriously consider the ways we can prevent it.

As leaders it is time to address the topic of Workplace Bullying the same way we would any other workplace hazard. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that a proactive approach to workplace bullying that encourages communication, education and training from the top down, will mitigate risk and reduce the instances and impact of bullying in the workplace across Australia.

This highly detailed and informative webinar is designed to provide businesses owners, operators, key managers with informative and practical workplace strategies and outline proactive and effective control measures to mitigate the risk of bullying and avoid costly investigations and claims.

BullyZero is Australias leading bullying prevention charity having educated over 400,000 Australians over the last 10 years. We are a partner of WorkSafe Victoria and a Trusted Provider of the eSafety Commissioner.

Content will include:

  • Help – Communication & awareness of how & where bullying can occur
  • Understanding – Challenges & impact on individuals & organisation
  • Guidance – Redefining conduct, policies & procedures
  • Support – Support & mitigating risk


As a national charity, we rely on donations to support our work across Australia. The funds raised from this webinar will support the delivery of services to young people and workers in our mission to prevent bullying across our communities.You also havethe option to make an additional tax free donation at the point of booking. Thank you for your support.


$79.95 AUD