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7- Day Wellness and Yoga retreat


Sun 30th October 2022, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


22 Kings Gully Rd
Dunbible NSW 2484


Journey into your universal energy centres, connect with soul, enhance deficiencies in body, heart, mind, transform, realign your destiny

Take a 7-day journey into our infinite, universal energy centres, to connect with self, enhance deficient areas in body, heart, mind and create transformation to re-align your destiny.

Using processes that cleanse and nourish our inner and outer body, enabling us to:

  • Let go of life’s stresses.
  • Release addictive and obsessive behaviours.
  • See your life from a new perspective.
  • Create change you never thought possible
  • Create a deeper sense of self in every aspect
  • Enhance physical, emotional and mental well-being ten fold.

We will concentrate on one chakra per day, beginning with grounding and reconnecting us with the earth and our physical body. Flowing into our emotional being, to activate our intention, pulsing it into every cell, then allowing the process to take place. Shifting into to a transformative experience and returning to our deep connection with spirit and the universe. We will finally get to feel and trust our larger selves again!!

There will be serious and deep moments, times of love, fun and laughter as we come together to support each others’ journeys and reach our highest potential.

Immerse in a variety of healing modalities which we will draw from, enhancing our state of well being to transform into wellness, lightness and love.

One week immersion gives you the chance to completely break through.

Enjoy walks around the 75 acre property, wake up to watch the rich red sunrise from the top of the mountain and sunken clouds in the hills below from your bedroom window. The vast space gives you a sense or freedom and serenity! Splashing the copper and silver ionised pool for a quick refresh, soak the tension from your body in the ozone spa, or if you want a real chill out dip into the ice bath!! All water from the taps is filtered and refed rainwater form the tanks.

The Chakras

Join Natalie Almond illuminating one chakra per day:

Begin with cleansing the nadis (3 major energy channels in the spine) where the chakra energy travels, from the base of the spine to the brain.

Grounding into the base chakra to reconnect and earth, moving through the week we will create a deep connection to everything, gaining a sense of safety and trust. Working with the Tantric, Vedic and Aboriginal traditions.

There will be serious, deep moments and times of love, fun and laughter as we come together to support each others’ journeys reaching our full potential. Working as a group mind no matter how near or far increases the energy 10-fold!

The meaning of chakra is wheel or vortex, they are the near meeting points of nerve endings and endocrine glands creating spinning wheels of energy.

The chakras are power stations in our physical bodies that distribute the universal flow of energy/life force throughout our systems, helping to keep our physical, emotional and mental states in balance and harmony with the universe. This way our physical and spiritual can act accordingly from the soul.

This universal life force also known as; prana, qi or energy is our life’s sustenance, this life energy flows through and around everything animate and inanimate giving us life. When this life force leaves our body the physical life ends. By increasing the flow of energy through our chakras improves quality of life in every aspect.

The base three chakras hold all of our life/lives programing, our ancestral memory; it is the seat of self, our body energy. The next three chakras, our soul energy are what we are journeying or being now, according to what we are carrying in the lower three. Reprogramming and healing the base 3 gives us space to create a beautiful life through the soul. The 7th chakra and above is being in everything; our spirit, seeing all as one, as the energy flows through the crown and down through the energy stations-the chakras.

Various scriptural texts and teachings present a different colour, image and number of chakras. There are many chakras in the subtle human body according to the tantric texts; maybe thousands, but there are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones. These seven run around the outside and within the spinal cord at various nerve centres. Even though they are of the subtle body they affect our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Each of these seven chakras either balance or imbalance the endocrine glands, depending on the efficiency or deficiency of the energy flow due to our posture, life experiences and injuries.

Working on the chakra system brings health and harmony to all of our systems; nervous, glandular, circulatory, reproductive, digestive, respiratory and increases the use of grey matter; our brain. After 7 days of yoga and meditation the brain’s function will increase greatly, intuition will be heightened and a great sense of well-being and internal strength (gentle power) will be felt.

Sit with a chakra and let it speak to you. This can lead to great transformative experiences as well as self and universal understanding.

Practices include:

  • Alchemic yoga
  • Chi Kung
  • Meditation and Visualisation on each chakra: guided, mantra, silent, moving and sound
  • ​Theory on each chakra
  • Cellular Stress release practice
  • Creative expression and flow movement
  • Partner stretch and massage
  • Watsu
  • ​And whatever suits at the given moment

Temple of Vitality Retreat Centre

Dunbible, Stokers Siding, Murwillumbah

It’s time to take a deep breath!

Close your eyes, take a breath of crisp mountain air, and hear the birdlife – and the quiet – on our beautiful mountain top in Dunbible. Release and receive in our world class waters as you dive into the copper and silver ionised pool, let your body rumble in the ozone spa and alkalise your blood in the ice bath. All water through every tap is pure and clean.

We will have our vegetarian cook providing delicious meals with plenty of fresh organic greens from the garden. Breakfast will be self prepared.

​Relax in the ozone spa bath and massage every cell within, releasing internal build up and beginning with a new cell as we reprogram through Prime Tuning Cellular Stress release

Chill out in the ice bath. Dip your toes in, see if you dare. There is nothing more alkalising for the blood than a lovely cool dip. It invigorates and awakens!

Look out at the pastures and mountains while floating in the swimming ionised with copper and silver, I mean pristine enough to drink, so there will be no sunscreen or make up going into the pool.

A well-equipped gym for those who wish to work out in their breaks or for early risers. Evie will pump a few pounds with you.

Dean the owner of Temple of Vitality has a lot of experience in personal trading and gym stuff, he will be happy to give you a few tips.

​Just in case hubby wants to join you in his own way too!

About Natalie Almond – Well Being Facilitator

​I have been running yoga and wellness retreats for 28 years and have experience in many modalities of healing and wellness. I bring this to you as a special gift of my 32 years practice and learning.

I am trained in Hatha Yoga and Alchemical Yoga from the ancient tantric traditions and other transformative and healing modalities

My love is to feel energy, flow with it and weave it throughout the retreats, which we will do through the chakras, creating a warm and balanced flow.

“If you decide to come alone you will not feel alone, you are more than likely to leave the retreat with lasting friendships”.

​Your retreats are designed to be deeply intense and at the same time help you to break out and have fun.

Yoga sessions are fluidly strong (not a crazy workout), guided meditations take you on a transformative journey and magical circles to encapsulate the experience. We also enjoy sessions of light hearted fun such as Sound and movement, body percussion, emotional techniques and much more.


This is an estimated schedule

Mornings in silence until breakfast

7.30am – Silent Yoga, meditation and chanting

9.00am – Breakfast

11.00am – Partner Stretch for chakra and meditation – Illumination a chakra of each day

1.00pm – Lunch

4.00pm – Creative Session and talk on each chakra

6.00pm – Dinner

I will bring in a variety of healing modalities into this retreat such as Prime Tuning to heal and re-progamme on a cellular level, slow zen walking meditation, chakra drawing, flow movement and dance, waste, partner practices that are not too confronting and trust games.

​This is an approximate schedule as we will have outings on some days and sessions that will vary in length of time.

The mornings will be in silence and I encourage you to refrain from speaking and gesturing so that you and your fellow retreaters may process you dreams and thoughts internally.


I loved all the learnings, the approach was manifest, I can now visualise what the chakra looks like. I got the value out of the energy shifting and feel like a flower where my petals are opening.


I’m on day 6 of the retreat, I’ve been on many retreats, the difference with Natalie’s is that it’s more looking into yourself.


​After doing yoga for 11 years I have only been on the surface and now I feel I have gone deeper


After a week I feel energised and open to a lot more than expected.I enjoyed from the beginning. I would like to come again.

​Beautiful week, beautiful people

Maria and richard

Natalie Almond youe wellness retreat facilitator with 29 years of running retreats,

The Joy and Freedom Retreats Bring

Natalie’s classes are unique, they can be gentle yet challenging, she is calm and has moments of breaking out and allowing you to do that too


Sun 30th October 2022, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


22 Kings Gully Rd
Dunbible NSW 2484