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The Future of Cyber Security: Entrepreneurs & Innovators



Machine Learning, AI, Automated Systems, Data Science, IoT – industry 4.0 is an exciting place for people who want to exploit, disrupt, or destroy – and not in a positive sense!

While necessary cybersecurity measures will certainly protect and even enhance your ventures, cybersecurity is almost a greenfield when it comes to innovation.

If youre looking for ideas on how to enhance your own business securityor ways to refine your idea with cybersecurity in mind, or you just want to learn that little bit more about cybersecurity for your business Join Shearwater Solutions Innovation Manager, David Halfpenny,to explore:

  • How might cybersecurity look like in innovation
  • Where the industry might be heading, and
  • Where there is an opportunity for positive disruption

About David

David started his career in physics and ended up in cybersecurity, with a detour through education. David was the IT and Cybersecurity Centre Leader at TAFE NSW and is currently the Innovation Manager at Shearwater Solutions, a CyberCX company.

Davids role sees him working with industry experts and university researchers to solve problems and develop products at Australias largest pure-play cybersecurity company.