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How to navigate through change during crisis and step up to lead??


Crisis Vs Change Management – How to Lead?
From someone who survived Tsunami, Restructured Organisations and Disrupted her identity.

About this Event

You heard a lot about change management as a risk mitigation strategy. But how prepared are you for crisis management?

Change is still a controlled outcome and controlled decision. Yet you dont like change and feel overwhelmed!

Then how about crisis when Life and Future are uncertain beyond your control and grasp?

Acting quicker, responding smarter, change management models are just the words we use. But it is not as easy as you think or imagine.

In a survey conducted by McKinsey, 2,000 executives in 900 companies across various industries revealed that successful periods of change in an organisation depend on the examples set by a companys leaders. CEO’s need to be fully invested.

But in Crisis, not just the CEO s, Every individual needs to be fully invested.

Change is scary term for most and its usually based around fear.

This program is designed to empower you to embrace changes that comes with crisis and participate in the results.

Focus is on the mindset, personal leadership and emotional independence to steer through crisis ,while simultaneously understanding :

  1. The 6 phases of change and how to cope?
  2. The 8 essential steps for effective change management
  3. Warming, Storming and Norming.

Meet your Facilitator:

Manna Abraham

Andrew Keating