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Explore: One of the best kept secrets would have to be Cook Island because even most locals aren’t aware of its beauty and plethora of marine life including the large population of green turtles.

Sip: My morning go-to is Mockingbird or Salt Mill in Kingscliff as they’re close to the dog beach where I walk my labs. After dark you’ll find me sipping a cuppa tea on the couch with a book or watching Grand Designs.

Eat: My wife Carly is a master chef so eating in is always my favourite option but our local favourites are La Barrita at Salt, Taverna at Kingscliff and a picnic by the water.

Shop: While I truly get all my enjoyment from being out in nature, I do find Tyalgum a charming place to frolic and ponder.

Do: Surfing with Carly is a favourite, freediving is my passion or if I need to recharge my batteries it’s a paddleboard mindfulness session in the mangroves.