A weekly farmers market that was literally built for the region’s producers to grow what the land provides….this sounds like an amazing idea!

The Murwillumbah farmers Markets sprouted from humble beginnings at the historical Murwillumbah showgrounds several years ago, and have continued to thrive ever since. Known as a community hub and weekly meeting place, the markets attract locals and visitors from across the northern border and down through the Byron region, making them a real foodie destination.

Creating a sense of people and place, every Wednesday local musicians perform amongst a plethora of pop up food vans, with offerings like samosas, churros and really good coffee. The farm fresh produce ranges from macro herbs to woodfire breads to marinated olives and fresh local cheeses.

The old country charm of the showgrounds barn creates a vibe that makes you want to lay down a picnic rug and linger longer. The farmers adhere to strict criteria for selection, which ensures the markets authenticity and that the food is legit.

Driving out of the markets through the vast sugarcane crops where locals get one of those ‘stoked to live here’ moments, and visitors enter their contemplation zone.

The best part is you get to do it all again next week. Check out the facebook for updates HERE!