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Business & brand storytelling training for SMBs & Start-ups


Wed 17th July 2024, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


12A Elizabeth St
Pottsville Beach NSW 2489


Business storytelling workshop and training: Take your B2B message through a six-step story into something much more engaging and memorable.

Bring a little bit of Hollywood to your communications.

Most business stories are self-congratulating puff. They are the human equivalent of a stranger you meet at a party who talks endlessly about themselves. Before long, you are looking over their shoulder for someone more interesting.

And that could be your competitor.

Our Australian Chief Storyteller Povel Torudd will be facilitating the workshop in this three-hour session. We aim to bring clarity to your communications for internal and external stakeholders. And this will, in turn, win hearts, minds, and more revenues for your business.

How does our Storytelling Academy work?

How do bestselling authors cajole readers to keep turning the page? What glues us to the seat at the cinema or theatre? Why do some influencers command such a huge following?

Professional storytellers such as filmmakers, writers, authors and journalists follow a bunch of rules that are largely the same. There’s a magic formula to telling stories.

We have codified their secrets into a process that works for businesses like yours.

Why Storytelling?

Business and brand storytelling isn’t just for well-established national and international brands, it’s also the most efficient way to connect with customers for SMBs, Start-ups and sole traders. For the first time, Berkeley Communications is running a special edition of its world-leading business storytelling workshop, for businesses in the Northern Rivers. Give yourself the best possible start to growing your business for the 2025 financial year by adopting proven storytelling techniques to communicate with your new and existing customers.

Through storytelling, sales pitches become more successful. Social media posts more shareable. Content more colourful. You will be able to power-up your presentations so that they become more memorable. In fact, the intimacy created by storytelling, will improve your relationships, and even create lasting friendships with your clients.

Why? Because we all love a good storyteller. We all like listening to someone who can entertain us. Hold our attention. Not because of what they say or do, but because of how they make us feel.

What you’ll take away from the NSW Workshop:

  • Lessons from the great storytellers of our time with relevant case studies
  • The business case for storytelling
  • Applying your new storytelling skills to internal and external stakeholders
  • Email and PowerPoint presentations – how to make them more memorable
  • Video examples and ideas to inspire your team
  • Understanding the six-part story formula used by the world of entertainment

About Povel Torudd – Workshop Facilitator

Povel is Berkeley’s Chief Storyteller in APAC and MD of Berkeley Communications Pty Ltd. He started his early career as an online editor before moving into strategic communications, PR and business storytelling. Spanning over +20 years he worked for some of Australia’s leading PR agencies, before joining a leading global cyber technology brand where we spent close to a decade developing corporate storytelling programs across a range of global internal and external channels, winning some of the most prestigious international industry awards along the way. Areas of specialism include crisis comms, media training, brand messaging and delivering integrated campaigns deploying digital and social media, video storytelling, research and insights, PR, content creation, media relations and events.

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About Berkeley Communications

Berkeley Communications specialises in strategic communications and creative business storytelling (www.berkeleypr.com.au). We achieve outstanding results through a storytelling process that is uniquely ours and draws upon techniques used by filmmakers, authors and journalists. As well as delivering storytelling, we also teach it. The Berkeley Storytelling Academy (www.berkeleystorytelling.academy) exists to inspire marketing professionals and business owners to bring storytelling into the DNA of their organisation. HQ is in the UK (London and Reading) and we have subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, France, and the US as well as a network of partners spanning Asia Pacific, North America and LatAm.


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COST: $385


Wed 17th July 2024, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM


12A Elizabeth St
Pottsville Beach NSW 2489

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