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Full Moon Sound Dreaming with Bashir


Tue 07th March 2023, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


54 Gollan Dr
Tweed Heads West NSW 2485



On this Full Moon, you are invited to Sound Dreaming with Bashir to share in an evening and offering of activation and amplification of deep healing with the full moon energy, sound and vibrational medicine.

Come Relax, Rest, Receive and Explore Your deep Dreamtime, while being deeply Bathed and Immersed in Sound and Vibrational Medicine, as the Frequencies Create Movement within, Transmuting, Evolving and Transforming Energy, Melting away blockages, stress and tension 🔥 helping you Open up and Potentiating Deep Healing of your Mind, Body and Soul, inviting in Profound Shifts and Possibilities, and leaving you feeling Anew 🦋

An opportunity to Transcend your unconscious programs of orientation, Connect with your Field of Dreams, your Land of Abundance within, Transmuting and Transforming your cells, structures, beliefs, thought forms and patterns, emotions, energy more Powerfully.

This will be an indoor event, incorporating and infusing the Sacred Sound, Frequencies and Vibrations of the traditional Yidaki (Didgeridoo), Quartz Crystal Yidaki, Native American Medicine Drum and Drone Flutes, Voice and other percussive and textural sounds, intuitively guided and facilitated by Bashir.

Flow of the evening (in NSW time):

7PM – Arrival

7:15PM – Opening Circle

7:45-9PM – Sound Dreaming Journey & Finish

We’d really appreciate if you come on time so we can start on time 🙏🏼

Remember to:

- Wear comfortable clothing for laying down

- Bring a Yoga mat to lay on

- Bring cushion/pillow/throw for your comfort

- Bring a water bottle

– (Optional) bring a crystal a small object to keep with you or place on the altar to infuse with the journey

Early Bird: $39 (till Wed 1st March or until sold out)

General Admission: $49

Limited tickets available, so be sure to get yours early to secure your spot!


“My sight may be weak, but my Vision is Strong”

Born legally blind, and navigating the challenges and gifts that come with it, Bashir still leads an inspiring and independent life, living out his most meaningful dreams, through his willingness and determination to Adapt, Grow and Evolve beyond his perceived ‘limitations’, while helping Inspire, Empower and Transform others along the way.

A former Inspirational Speaker and Coach, he is now merging his love for Wellness, Transformation, Change, Healing, Community Connection into his Creative Passions of Sound, Music and Events, working with them as a way to share his Heart and True Self in a world that is often beyond words.

These include through such offerings as Sacred Sound Dreaming and Healing immersions, his production project The Blind Mystery, Danceformation event and other creative and collaborative community events and projects.

Providing and holding Transformational, Healing Spaces and Experiences for people, that enable and potentiate Personal Growth and Evolution through Sound, Music, Movement, Dance and Community Connection is Bashir’s unique expression, his Art, enabling him to share his gifts that emerge from his own unique artistic blueprint, with a wide group of people.


“I attended Bashir’s sound dreaming without much expectation. But from the beginning, I realized he was accessing somewhere very deep and could take us there. His powerful vibration could wash away and cleanse unnecessary energy inside of me. 

Thanks Bashir..I’m so glad i experienced your sound medicine 🙏🏼✨🙂”

– Chiho (Sound Healing facilitator for 20+ years)

”I’m still feeling the reverberations after your potent sound healing on Wednesday night, like the sound is still there! The medicine you bring is amazing, I really felt anew, like a new person afterwards, and that Crystal Didge is pure power! 

I feel like your wooden didges draw up earth energy from below and the voice of the tree kingdom. The Crystal Didge felt like it was bringing the energy of the stars to the earth, like a crystal bridge from the heavens down to earth (for a brief moment, I saw you as a Cosmic Shaman playing your didge in the stars)!”

– Milan

“Bashir, your Sound Immersion had a profound effect on me last night. All the Amazing frequencies from your instruments & voice has shifted a block that has been within me for awhile now.

I had been feeling flat, low energy & this morning l woke at 6.30am & got a clear message get out of bed (I’ve been sleeping in) make a Smoothie (instead of coffee) & walk your Dogs around the Lake (instead of walking in circles wandering where to start my day)

So much Gratitude for knowing a Beautiful Soul like you Bashir 🙏🏼💙 & Your Music certainty creates movement within for me. Last night you asked our intention & l said “Feed my Soul”

Thank You… “

– Jill

I look forward to seeing and dreaming with you on the night!

Much Love, Stay Awesome~



$39 – $49 AUD + BF


Tue 07th March 2023, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


54 Gollan Dr
Tweed Heads West NSW 2485

We wish to acknowledge the Ngandowal and Minyungbal speaking people of the Bundjalung Country, in particular the Goodjinburra, Tul-gi-gin and Moorung – Moobah clans, as being the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters within the Tweed Shire boundaries. We also acknowledge and respect the Tweed Aboriginal community’s right to speak for its Country and to care for its traditional Country in accordance with its lores, customs and traditions.