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Journey Through Self Love


Sat 23rd September 2023, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM


4/20 Bay St
Tweed Heads NSW 2485


Discover the Power of Self-Love and Transform Your Life with the Healing Magic of Transformational Breathwork.

Join us for a heart-opening journey that will awaken your inner strength, ignite your passion, and fill your spirit with love, joy, and peace. Experience the transformative power of breathwork and unlock your full potential as you learn to embrace your true self, love yourself unconditionally, and thrive in every aspect of your life. Don’t miss this life-changing event that will leave you feeling empowered, renewed, and deeply connected to your heart and soul.

This is a topic of reconnection to self and self love I’m really passionate about and this has been my biggest struggle along my journey. I want to share my story and take you on a journey through breathwork, meditation, movement and journaling. These tools will help you to rediscover your own power and really connect you back to yourself. Everything we need is already within us all we have to do is to have the courage to loook within. 

If you are looking to deepen your mind-body connection, explore greater levels of self awareness, tap into your intuition, release blockages, find deeper levels of self love, connect with like minded people, then this is for you. 

I believe you can only take someone as far as your willing to go yourself and through my journey I have been to the depths of my soul as well as experienced pure joy ecstasy and happiness. I have danced between the dark and the light which this allows me to hold a deep space for all my clients. My containers are a very safe space to express yourself with no judgments. This allows you to completely surrender to the experience and know that you will be held every step of the way. 


Nanda Da Rosa Soul Institute

20 Bay St

Tweed Heads


Yoga mat 

Water bottle 

Loose comfortable clothing 

Something personal/sacred to place at the alter 

Open heart 

Contraindications for breathwork: Epilepsy, recent surgery, cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, glaucoma/cataracts, severe mental health disorders such as psychosis and heavy medications. If you are concerned please seek medical advice before attending the breathwork session. Please don’t take alcohol or other substances the day of the event. 


Rachel is a registered nurse and educator by trade and has been a nurse for over 20 years. Over the past 4 years she has been on a deep spiritual journey of her own and has experienced different healing modalities. When she got introduced to breathwork that’s when her life started to change. Through breathwork Rachel has been able to re connect with her self, let go of limiting beliefs, release past trauma, gain deep insight to her true self, develop self love and acceptance, align with her true purpose, manifest amazing experiences and bring her visions to reality. 

Rachel is a breath coach and facilitator, reiki healer, meditation teacher, NLP Coach and mentor. Her passion is to now share what she had learned through her journey to help others live their best lives. Rachel works intuitively and is always focused on her clients needs. 


I attended a woman’s full moon circle where I met Rachel . It was an incredible experience and I felt very energised and so in tune with the moons energy. Rachel lead us women with amazing breathwork. She has a lot of knowledge in breathwork and introduced us to many different types of breathwork and was very thorough in her explanation and how each one benefits us. I could feel my vibration rising with each exercise and felt the tingling sensations throughout my body. Thank you Rachel for the amazing experience and really looking forwards to gaining more knowledge from your amazing work. 


Rachel delivers her Breathwork sessions in such a calm, gentle way that allows me to achieve mental clarity in the busy daily lifestyles we are currently living. Rachael has a way of getting everyone to feel relaxed and confident in her guidance. She is professional, supportive and very knowledgeable in Breathwork and I highly recommend her to you.If you are searching for some healing, or peace of mind then I implore you to contact Rachael and join one of her sessions. I too look forward to attending her next session!

Debbie H

 I wanted to message you and say thank you for the breathwork session. I had never done anything like this before and I can’t believe how good I felt afterwards. To be honest I was a bit nervous before hand but you just made me feel so comfortable. You have such a calming energy and I felt totally safe. This is the first time in a long time where I feel not as overwhelmed and sad like I have been. I feel like something has lifted. Your such a good teacher and explained everything so well. You are amazing and I want to come back for more. Thank you for following up with me too after the session I really appreciated that and thanks for the chat. 

Sarah P

Thank you so much Rach for our breath session. You are a great teacher and my friend and I really enjoyed it. I felt so calm afterwards and I had the best night sleep after it too. My friend felt the same way. You really have a gift and it shows. We could definitely like to come to another session soon.

Amy S and Sandra B

Thank you so much for my first visit ever private breathwork session and the most beautiful healing!!! you are so so gifted… and you hold such amazingly strong space. i just felt completely safe and held the whole time and I was able to release so much more of the grief I’ve been holding onto. the bodywork you did really helped clear blockages too, especially around my heart. thank you sooo much again… You are amazing! xxx

Eugenie F

I just wanted to say that I watched your Live breathwotk session online and I really loved it. I followed along and you explained everything so well. You speak with such passion, it was so inspiring. I can see that you really love what you do. I have been following your story for a while now and you have helped me so much. You really are an inspiration and thank you for being real and authentic.

Hannah Z


$69 – $88 AUD + BF


Sat 23rd September 2023, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM


4/20 Bay St
Tweed Heads NSW 2485

We wish to acknowledge the Ngandowal and Minyungbal speaking people of the Bundjalung Country, in particular the Goodjinburra, Tul-gi-gin and Moorung – Moobah clans, as being the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters within the Tweed Shire boundaries. We also acknowledge and respect the Tweed Aboriginal community’s right to speak for its Country and to care for its traditional Country in accordance with its lores, customs and traditions.