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School Holiday Survival Skills (Winter)


Thu 07th - Fri 08th July 2022, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


3034 Kyogle Rd
Kunghur NSW 2484


Do the kids go a little wild over the School holidays? Send them our way for our popular Survival skills School Holiday program.

Do the kids go a little wild over the School holidays? 

Send them our way to WILD 1, WILD 2 and the brand new WILD 3. Your kids get to spend time in the bush reconnecting with nature while having a heap of fun, learning new skills and having an awesome ADVENTURE!

Wild 1 – 6th July

Wild 2 – 7th July

Wild 3 – 7th July

Wild 1 – Survival Skills. Discover the basics of wilderness survival. What do we need to survive? And how can we source these needs from nature? What do i do if I become lost?

  • Learn how to find and purify water
  • Light fire with flint and steel and make fire by friction using a hand drill.
  • Cook damper over the fire
  • Make a shelter from natural materials
  • Discover the art of camouflage
  • Explore and swim in the beautiful upper reaches of the Tweed river
  • Learn what equipment to take with you and what to do if you become lost in the bush.
  • Snake bite treatment and response.
  • Nature Connection games and more….

Suitable for kids aged 7-14 years.

Wild 2Hunter Gatherer We practice skills used daily by ancestral people from all over the world.

  • Spear making and throwing
  • Basic wild food foraging
  • Traditional hunting techniques, trapping and animal tracking methods
  • Set traps in an attempt to catch fish, eel’s and yabbies and then release them back into the river
  • Look at bird traps, snares and a range of traditional weapons used worldwide by our ancestors
  • Nature connection and sensory awareness games

A big part of Wild 2 is our spear making activity, your child will be given a comprehensive knife safety lesson. they will then with assistance harvest, de-bark, sharpen and then fire harden their very own spear to keep (if it’s ok with parents that is ;))

*No live traps other than catch and release fish traps are used during the day, so no harm whatsoever is done to local fauna.

Suitable for kids aged 7-14 years.

Wild 3 – Orienteering and Leap of Faith (brand new event)

We spend the morning learning how to navigate using a map and compass and then trying our newly learnt skills searching for checkpoints on the new Rewild Orienteering course.

  • Learn about different map types and features
  • Compass usage including how to take a bearing and orientate a map using the compass
  • Pacing and estimating distance
  • Orienteering course, Small groups then go in search of hidden checkpoint flags using a map and compass and punch there control card once found.

In the afternoon we face our fears by tackling the Leap of Faith. A High ropes activity where the kids attempt to climb up a ladder then onto the tree to a platform 8m off the ground. They then take a “leap of faith” out of the tree in an attempt to catch a trapeze bar suspended in front of them. Multiple attempts allow for a soothing gradual progression to take place and for confidence in the safety system to be developed.

These are kids only events. Drop off at 9 am and pick up at 3 pm.


1 day only $85.00 + booking fee

2 day deal $150 + booking fee

All 3 days Adventure package  $220 + booking fee 

10% discount for Siblings. Use code family10

Your Instructor; Scott is a qualified Outdoor Recreation Instructor, passionate adventurer and adventure sports enthusiast. He hold current Wilderness first aid qualifications and has 19 years experience working in the Outdoor Education industry . All staff have current Working with children checks and first aid certificates. Rewild activities are covered by public liability insurance.

*What to bring: Covered shoes, hat, weather appropriate clothing, a backpack to carry all of your belongings, swimmers a packed lunch and drinking water.


Thu 07th - Fri 08th July 2022, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


3034 Kyogle Rd
Kunghur NSW 2484