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Sun 21st May 2023, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM


72 Howards Rd
Burringbar NSW 2483


THE SPICE ROAD – Indian Meets the Middle East


Join us for a special & unique meeting of Indian & Middle Eastern music.

Shai Shriki & Vinod Prasanna both come form a long lineage of musicians going back many generations. 

Bobby Singh is known to be Australia’s greatest Tabla player in the Classical Indian music as well as many other contemporary and fusion collaborations. 

The three are meeting for a special concert.

Together they will weave a magical Sunday afternoon of emotive, expressive and masterful music fusing and bridging sounds from the middle east and India.

“The Spice Road” is the historical trade routes that connected Asia, Africa, and Europe via the Middle East and facilitated the exchange of goods, ideas, and culture between these regions. The name “Spice Road” is derived from the fact that spices were some of the most valuable and sought-after commodities traded along these routes.

The Spice Road played a crucial role in shaping the history and culture of the regions it connected, and it was a hub of artistic and intellectual exchange. Along the Spice Road, travelers encountered a diverse range of musical traditions and instruments, which were often integrated and fused with local styles to create new and innovative sounds.

Today, the legacy of the Spice Road can still be heard in the music of the regions it connected. Musicians from across Asia, Africa, and Europe continue to draw on the rich cultural heritage of the Spice Road, fusing traditional styles and instruments with contemporary sounds and ideas. This has resulted in a vibrant and dynamic musical landscape that reflects the shared history and cultural exchange that characterised the Spice Road.

The event will take place at the beautiful Sattva Sanctuary in Burringbar, NSW (Byron Shire) in their Yurt.

Space is limited and will be sold out.


Arrive at 4pm

Concert starts at 4:30pm

About the artists:


Bansuri – Indian Flute

Born into one of India’s greatest flute-playing families, award-winning bansuri (flute) virtuoso, Vinod Prasanna, shines as an outstanding performer of authentic traditional and contemporary Indian music. Vinod’s emotive melodies, exquisite improvisations and divine flute song distinguish his performance of Indian classical, world and meditation music. Hailing from Varanasi, one of India’s holy cities, Vinod’s late grandfather, Pandit Vishnu Prasanna, introduced him to the art of bansuri playing. His uncle, Pandit Rajendra Prasanna also taught him and further inspired his playing. Vinod has performed and toured extensively throughout his homeland and overseas, including France, Japan, Germany and now, Australia. In 2006, Vinod won the prestigious Sahara All India Flute Recital Competition.


Oud – Middle Eastern string instrument

3rd generation Oud player Shai has always kept his interest in the traditional family legacy of music from Morocco and the Middle East, continuing his grandfather’s mastery and mystery of Oud playing and singing.

Shai Takes you on a musical journey that takes the audience though emotions, time and places, from deep emotions to great joy!


ARIA AWRARD WINNING Tabla player Bobby Singh, a disciple of the great maestro Aneesh Pradhan, is one of the most sought-after musicians on the Australian world music circuit and is the first choice for musicians from India touring Australia and New Zealand.Bobby has played with such luminaries as Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Purbayan Chatterjee, Shashank Subramanium & Guru Karaikudimani amongst many others. Outside of the milieu of Indian classical music, Bobby has also formed many partnerships with some of Australia’s best known musicians. Crossing many styles of music from Drum & Bass with The Bird to Western Classical with Slava Grigoryan to Blues & Roots with John Butler & Jeff Lang.


$30 – $40 AUD + BF


Sun 21st May 2023, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM


72 Howards Rd
Burringbar NSW 2483

We wish to acknowledge the Ngandowal and Minyungbal speaking people of the Bundjalung Country, in particular the Goodjinburra, Tul-gi-gin and Moorung – Moobah clans, as being the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters within the Tweed Shire boundaries. We also acknowledge and respect the Tweed Aboriginal community’s right to speak for its Country and to care for its traditional Country in accordance with its lores, customs and traditions.