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Winter Solstice Insight Blindfolded Dance & Sound Healing Journey


Sun 23rd June 2024, 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM


1 Old Pacific Hwy
Burringbar NSW 2483


Insight – An Inner Alchemy Ritual

Hear the Guidance * Receive the Vision
Honor the Darkness & Connect with the Light

You are warmly invited to gather with the community to harness the energy of the Solstice and embark on your own deeply nourishing and personal transformational journey.

Winter Solstice is a time to honour our inner world, to hone our ability to see in the dark and to kindle the light within. A place to journey deep within to receive inner guidance, insight and vision for the path ahead.

So what can you expect?

Imagine yourself walking into a beautiful spacious hall, being greeted by kindred spirits whilst bathed in the perfume of the aromatic cleansing properties of frankincense and copal. You find your place in the circle, set down your cushion, sheepskin and blankets and come to the centre altar of flowers and crystals to add your altar offering to recharge in the energy we create together.

We will open with a communal invocation spoken from the many mouths and mother tongues/languages of those who are present. With your choice of ceremonial cocoa or blue lotus and artemisia tea to accompany you on your journey, we will take a sacred pause in reverence and respect, and give thanks for our blessed lives.

You’re then gently guided into a somatic meditation space to fully embody your intentions. Covering our eyes to allow our sensory perception to take you deeper within, your will be safely guided through a 1 hour Inner Alchemy Blindfolded Dance, followed by a 75mins Sound Healing Journey. To complete you will receive ample time and space to bask in your Creative Integration process; to anchor and craft the magic and medicine you received into your very own Clay Candle Holder.

The space will remain quiet with reverence and respect for participants to engage with their own personal journaling until we will seal the ceremony with a collective closing prayer, weaving all that’s been received through each other’s hearts and minds, and lighting our candles together under the stars upon the earth.

There will be time set aside to engage in quite social dinner and tea time by the fire and you are most welcome to slip out into the night back to your beds when you are ready for your dreamtime journey.

Your facilitators – 

Mele – Mele is an artist, healer and ceremonial facilitator who walks her path with heart-led authenticity and integrity. She is a qualified Naturopath and Transpersonal Art’s Therapist with close to 20 years of experience within the realms of Complementary Medicine, Transpersonal Art Therapy, Women’s Mysteries, and Shamanic Practices. 

‘I am a passionate and experience advocate of the ancient healing arts and believe that the most simple, natural, sustainable practices of intentional song-sound, dance-movement, nature-craft, and gratitude-prayer, hold power to restore our connection to a Creative Healing Source, which is infinite, inextinguishable, regenerative and divine. I aim to facilitate deep, eco-somatic-visionary immersive experiences, which nourish the bonds between the worlds of nature and spirit, to initiate life enhancing transformation.’

Mele is a dedicated local mother and facilitates Shamanic Drum Crafting Ceremonies, Rattle Rituals, Song Circles, Womens Retreat’s 1:1 mentoring and her own personal creative arts practice. For a deeper look into my work visit @mamawhitelion or www.mamawhitelion.com

Zarn – Zarn has always had a deep awareness of sound and music since childhood. From performing in a Balinese Gamelan as a child, to a former lead vocalist in a rock band, to then studying Sound Engineering in her mid 20s. Through trauma she disconnected from this part of herself for some time. Its not until she fell chronically ill, the passion for Sound Healing began.

‘My first experience with Sound Healing was so profound. A light ignited in my heart and it felt like coming home. This guided me on my path to my true authentic self and the obsession with healing with sound began. I am now passionate about creating the ultimate environment for deep healing to occur, to bring you back to your true essence.’

‘Zarn’ Tazana Karjana is a certified Sound Healing Practitioner/multi instrumentalist Dip SHA & IICT member. 

She is a Vocalist for local northern rivers band GaiaTree kirtan. Song circle & ceremony facilitator. For a deeper look into my work visit @soundwavehealing

Michelle – is an inspired creatress and student of life. She invites ancient Earth wisdom into the heart and through the hands with regular expressions and practices of soulful beauty. She lives her life following her visions and inspiration and loves to offer humble arrangements of beauty at the feet of Mother Earth. Her days are spent creating sanctuary, tending family life and hermiting in the gardens of her Northern Rivers home, creating earth craft and beauty altars to contemplate life and contribute beauty to an evolving visual prayer for planetary wellness. 

Michelle also loves to grow fruits and flowers and caters wholesome organic deliciousness to nourish her community. She will be lovingly preparing us a heartful vegetarian dinner, raw treats and tea to warm and nourish our bodies. 

You can follow Michelle’s creative journey at 

Please bring – 

  • Water bottle & keep cup/or mug
  • Cushion/sheepy/yoga mat/blanket/shawl/socks
  • Journal & pen
  • Hair scarf (to be used as a blindfold)
  • Offering for the altar if you wish

We very much look forward to sharing this potent and powerful Winter Solstice with you soon.

Mele, Zarn & Michelle

Winter Solstice Poster
Insight Blindfolded Dance & Sound Healing Journey


$80 AUD + BF


Sun 23rd June 2024, 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM


1 Old Pacific Hwy
Burringbar NSW 2483

We wish to acknowledge the Ngandowal and Minyungbal speaking people of the Bundjalung Country, in particular the Goodjinburra, Tul-gi-gin and Moorung – Moobah clans, as being the traditional owners and custodians of the land and waters within the Tweed Shire boundaries. We also acknowledge and respect the Tweed Aboriginal community’s right to speak for its Country and to care for its traditional Country in accordance with its lores, customs and traditions.