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Embracing the In-Between. Magick for the Liminal with Medousa


Sun 07th August 2022, 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


1/96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484


Embracing the In-between. Magick for the Liminal with Medousa

Join Priestess, Witch, Mentor, Facilitator and Holistic Meditation Teacher Juniper Rose from The Wayward Path for a powerful immersive day of Magick on Sunday 7th August at lovely Natural & Healthy4Life in Murwillumbah, Northern Rivers, NSW for:


Whilst Winter Solstice in June which marks the longest day, and the flow through July feels more like mid winter, August often seems the coldest longest month of the year, the last lingering tendrils of Winters hold before the return of Spring emergence. (This is obviously different from year to year and depending upon where you dwell.)

During this time, it can feel like we dwell within a liminal space; between Winters embrace and the arrival of new beginnings, this Void space is the womb of unlimited potential and here in this deep space we may find the regeneration of our goals, dreams and desires. Many who follow the Southern Wheel of the year call this time Imbolc – the Beginning of Beginnings, I flow to the beat of my own drum and the seasonal changes in my own way, and as a devoted Priestess of Medousa, the serpentine energies are a very important part of my practices.

During this in-between space of the year, the Serpents path prepares us to shed our Winter slumber, peel away the stagnation of built up layers and begin preparations for re-emergence, as we work towards the spark of regeneration and prepare to welcome back the the warmth of Springs promise. As the Waxing Moon ripens in Scorpio and the Leo Sun grows in power, Medousa calls from her deep cavern of wisdom, urging us to reclaim our own soverign power.

Here at this potent time, we may connect to the Serpents Sense – the illumination of what is hidden, embracing the mysteries and depths and our hidden Magick, to stoke the internal flame within and remind us that we burn brightly even during the cold dark times.

The Goddess Medousa began her journey as a Libyan Lunar Serpent Priestess before her service to Athena later in Greece, and her final transformation, and she well understands the power of darkness and light, and the discomfort and challenges of rebirth, she may help us to see the hidden parts of self and feel into their integration. She is protectress of shadow journeys and the power of the Seen and Unseen Realms and so we honour the sacred serpent within as we shed and prepare to rebirth.

During this powerful days immersion with Medousa, we will navigate this in-between time in readiness for re-emergence we will work with the energies of integration through spellcrafting, ceremony and journeying as we prepare for the flow forward from the last tendrils of winter into the embrace of the ripening moonlight and returning Sun.

Medousa first entered my life as a teen and has been with me in one form or another ever since, her serpentine wisdom coiling and uncoiling through my life and the many transitions that I have undergone, and during my journey to Egypt in 2019, I underwent further initiation with her in the catacombs of Alexandria and here deepened my bond with her.

I am ever grateful for her presence and now I invite you to share serpentine space with me as we commune with the timeless wisdom of Medousa and the energies of transition. This workshop is open to all genders, attendees are to be over 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult and after consultation with me first please.

The venue provides, mats, bolsters and blankets, however feel free to bring your own items of comfort if you would prefer. It is also heated, so even when cold outside we will remain warm within. Please note: access to the venue is up a long flight of stairs.

Please bring:

Journal and Pen

Water Bottle

Mug or Cup

Plate of food to share for our communal lunch.

A natural offering for Medousa’s altar

The Colour Theme for the Day is Green, Gold and Black, feel free to dress accordingly if you feel called to do so.

There will be further updates on The Wayward Path Facebook Page under the Event and if you would like to connect with my Serpent Musing, please follow my Drakaina Medousa Instagram page. If you are not on social media let me know and I will update you via Email.

Please note: a lot of time, preparation and resources go into my workshop offerings and I only offer refunds under very specific circumstances, you may be offered a transfer to another workshop if I have been given enough notice in advance.

I look forward to sharing space with you.

Many Blessings

Juniper Rose

The Wayward Path and Drakaina Medousa.


Sun 07th August 2022, 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


1/96 Murwillumbah St
Murwillumbah NSW 2484